How to Understand Women and Improve Your Online Dating Life

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Men have been wondering how to understand women for centuries. The smartest guys do figure it out! They do so by taking the focus off of themselves. If you're a guy, you should know that as soon as you think about her and put yourself in the background, you'll be one step closer to having a great relationship with a woman, whether you're a teenage guy or a full-fledged adult.
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How to Understand Women Easily

When we think too much of ourselves and what we want, we lose sight of the other person. For this reason, the key to how to understand women is just to listen. What does she like and dislike? What is she looking for out of life and relationships?

Quite often, we're so consumed with making a good impression and/or getting what we want that we listen without really taking things on board. If you're chatting with someone online or in the real world, and she's female and you really like her, you should make a concerted effort to draw her out and find out how she feels about things.

All women are different. One woman may want a farm and country life with a partner, while another prefers an urban lifestyle and isn't too interested in settling down. Women aren't all the same and it's important to acknowledge this. For example, some may be looking for money from a partner, while others would be repulsed by the idea of “gold digging”.

In order to find the gems, you will need to talk to women extensively at online dating platforms. You will need to find out how they feel about life and then make judgments. Also, you need to let them know who you really are. In general, we recommend focusing on one woman. When you're chatting with a ton of girls, you won't have the same intensity or commitment and she'll probably feel it. If you want a real relationship, pick a girl who is your type and focus on her.

Often, we present personas while we are dating. We want to appear successful and together and attractive, especially at the start. Sometimes, we guys are all of those things. However, we forget that women have their personae, too! They also put on a show to some extent in order to be more appealing. The best advice is to talk a lot and give yourself time to actually get the know the woman under the persona. You can't really rush it. You have to spend time talking, to the point where things get comfortable between you and the personas start to fall away.

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Plan Entertaining and Romantic Dates

Fun dates which are tailored to her likes will help you to bond and become more comfortable with each other. So, do try to plan “real life” dates which are pleasant for both of you. You don't need to spend a fortune. However, we do recommend paying for the first date. Yes, it's a bit sexist and out of date, but women do appreciate that kind of gentlemanly conduct.

After the first date, you may approach the issue of taking turns paying or going dutch. It depends on how you feel about things.

So, listen to her. Think about her instead of yourself. Spend fun time with her to break down the awkwardness. Eventually, her real self will come out and you'll begin to understand her.

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