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If you've come to the conclusion you want a relationship – or even just someone to spend personal time with – you may be wondering where to meet women. You're not alone in having this question. A lot of men are unsure of how to go about this, but today we are going to give you a few good options to start with.

Where To Meet Women Online

One of the places where to meet women is online, via dating websites. These are great options for people who are shy, busy, or would like to find more options they might not otherwise meet.

If you are looking for a specific type of person, you can try a niche dating site. For example, if you want to meet women who are in your same religion you could try Christian Mingle, or J Date. If you are a senior trying to find where to meet women within your age range you might try Our Time, or Senior People Meet.

If you don't have a “niche” for the person you are looking for, but would rather look into meeting a diverse group of women you can try dating sites like EHarmony, Tinder, OK Cupid, or Plenty of Fish.

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Where to Meet Women In Person

Although there are many online sites where to meet women, there are also plenty of ways you can meet them in person. Just like some prefer online dating, many people still prefer to meet their potential partners in person. While you can literally meet people anywhere, some of the most common places men meet women are at church, school, or work. Another common way is through at a party, or through a mutual friend.

A few other ideas of where to meet women in person include the following:

  • Bar, club, casino, or other nightlife hangout spot
  • During volunteering or social projects
  • At the park, dog park, or beach
  • “Mixers” designed for singles to meet one another
  • Single parents can meet women through their children's school organizations
  • Gym or Yoga studio
  • Coffee shop
  • Restaurants
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Final Thoughts On Where To Meet Women

It's really not difficult to find a place where you can meet women. Look for women who are eating or drinking alone, and who seem open to being approached. Bothering women who are with others, or seem to desire being left alone, will only result in failure. With time, you will learn to notice the cues – including body language – that represent a women is looking to meet a man. Good luck!

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