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Are you looking for rules for Christian dating? Maybe you've finally decided to start looking for that special someone you'd like to spend the rest of your life. You're ready to find God's match for you, but want to be sure you follow the rules for Christian dating while doing it. Check out this comprehensive listing of the rules of dating within the Christian religion according to experts, the Bible, and the church.

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Rules For Christian Dating

  1. Date Other Christians

It is vital to practice understanding by having non-Christian friends. But when it comes to someone to build a life with, dating within your own religion is very important.

  1. Seek The Advice of Family

Family is of the utmost importance to Christians. As such, one of the rules for Christian dating is to seek the advice and approval of close family members. This includes, most importantly, your parents, but also your siblings, and grandparents.

  1. Wait Until Marriage

Physical temptation can be a hard thing to resist, but the Christian religion teaches us the value of waiting until marriage so that we may give ourselves only to our husband or wife. Depending on the exact branch of Christianity, it may or may not be okay to hold hands and kiss before marriage. If you're not sure, speak to your church leader about your concerns.

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  1. Dress Modestly

The Bible teaches us that both men and women should dress modestly. While wearing revealing clothing may garner inappropriate attention, it isn't the attention you want. You can dress very pretty in modest clothing, and it helps to show you respect yourself, your date, and your God.

  1. Keep God In Your Relationship

Christian couples should always remember to put God first in their relationship. This will create a strong foundation for a long lasting relationship, help avoid inappropriate temptations, and keep you in good Christian standing. Pray together, attend church together, and read together out of the Bible.

  1. Trust, Respect, & Setting Boundaries

Two of the most important rules for Christian dating are to have trust and respect for your partner. Christians are taught to never lie, but rather, be honest – even if it means facing consequences, or that your partner may not enjoy the truth. This includes setting boundaries. Some Christians have stricter boundaries than others. Discuss what you are or are not comfortable with. Be understanding and respectful of these boundaries in your partner, as you would like them to be respectful of yours.

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  1. Commitment

Commitment is an incredibly important rules for Christian dating. The Bible teaches us that every person should commit their lives to only one person. Monogamy is one of the foundations of the Christian religion, and should be practiced from the very start of every relationship. Polygamous relationships are not something practiced in Christianity, and cheating is described as a woeful sin as per the ten commandments. This includes thoughts about cheating, and it is important to keep your mind as pure as your body.

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