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    I am a bisexual woman who loves dating interesting people. Their gender doesn't really matter to me. One thing I have found as a bisexual woman is that I get approached by couples all the time. They are always interested in either a threesome situation, or they are interested in at least the husband/boyfriend watching while I am intimate with the wife/girlfriend. Just because I am bisexual does not mean this is acceptable to me! I'm not even flattered by this, it's all just so cliché.

    Do any other gay or bisexual women find this happens to them? I'm sure there are bisexual women who don't mind, but I do. What are your thoughts?



    I am also bisexual and this happens to me all the time. Just because I like women does not mean that I am into every and any woman. I don't actually mind it when couples approach me; what bothers me is that they think I will automatically be interested in their wife or girlfriend just because I like women. It's a little annoying sometimes.



    Hi ladies. I'm not bisexual, and I am a guy, but please permit me to reply with my view on this. First of all, I'm not into this type of arrangement, but if I were, I'd be more sensitive about asking either of you to partake in this type of encounter. My thought on your experiences with this dilemma is that these people truly aren't aware of the viewpoints of bisexual women. I think, basically, heterosexual men dig this, dragging their wives into this unpleasant encounter, for them. I can see your points, and if I may, I wish to apologize for these ignorant heterosexual guys. Not every guy is like that, these others give us a generally bad rep. May you never have to be subjected to these clowns' approaches again.



    Enchanted, thank you so much for your thoughts. I appreciate your apology on behalf of ignorant heterosexual men everywhere, but it is not necessary. You obviously are a considerate person, so I appreciate that and I appreciate you.

    Aurora, yes, you are so right! Just because I find women attractive doesn't mean I find all women attractive. I have nothing against threesomes or couples who like to swing. I am a little more traditional in that I prefer to be monogamous and I prefer to be in committed relationships, so constantly getting approached by couples is disappointing to me because I am not looking for sex, I am looking for love. I want to be a couple, not be a third.



    I'm not bisexual, but I can relate to this because I have been at gay bars with friends and have been approached by couples wanting a threesome. I try to let them down as gently as possible, but I find it ridiculous that they would make the assumption that I'm gay just because I'm hanging out with male friends at a gay bar. Just for the record, gay bars aren't exclusive to gay people. I know plenty of heterosexual people who frequent them to hang out with friends or because they're having good entertainment or any other number of reasons. Couples who want to have a threesome would do better to build a relationship with someone first to determine if that person would be open to it before throwing the question out there.



    I'm sorry to hear that such annoying situations happen to you all. I can relate when people jump to assumptions without considering how we may feel if we are not like what they think of. I would suggest that you give them more stern and formal explanation that you are not interested to give them a lesson.



    This is quite an interesting topic and it seems most people can relate. I think that the reason bisexual people run into this problem often is because people are stereotyping them. Most people think that bisexual people will sleep with anyone, just because they like men and women, therefore people find it easier to approach them about threesomes and such. It's stupid, but I really think that is what goes through most people's head when they do this.

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