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Why Gay Online Dating?

Many people who are gay often decide to try and meet matches online. Although our society has become much more open about homosexual and bisexual preferences, there are still issues which make online dating a safer, more viable option.

For starters, there are still some individuals who look down upon anyone who is not a heterosexual, gender specific individual. Although it has become less common in recent years, there can still be a stigma attached to this topic. This is even more true in small towns, and rural areas.

The second reason is that it can sometimes be difficult to find other gay singles. Contrary to popular belief, gay men do not have to be flamboyant, or dress in a certain way. The majority of individuals look and act exactly the same as everyone else – they ARE just like everyone else. But it can be awkward for gay singles to accidentally approach a straight man.

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Top Gay Online Dating Sites

If you are looking to meet other gay singles, you can check out the following gay online dating sites:

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8 Quick Tips on Gay Online Dating

If you have decided to go the route of gay online dating, here are a few great tips on how to safely meet that special someone:

  1. Make sure that you fill out your profile in it's entirety.
  2. Be upfront about how out you are within potential matches. Some men are out, and some are not. This can end up being an important determining factor for some.
  3. Always meet for dates in well lit, highly populated areas for a minimum of three dates.
  4. Answer messages with thought. Don't just write one or two words. That seems as though you are disinterested.
  5. Be honest on what you are looking for. Relationship? Hook up? Friends with the potential for more?
  6. If you aren't sure on how to initiate a conversation, start by commenting on something listed in their profile. Maybe mention a like, dislike, interest, or hobby you both like.
  7. Know what you are looking for in a match, and don't settle for less. Common deal breakers might be smoking habits, drinking habits, the desire to have children, religion, and political affiliation.
  8. Choose a good profile picture that shows your face clearly, and is of you alone. If allowed, add additional pictures that show you in different lights and settings.
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