4 Vital Tips For Healthy Gay Relationships

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Improve Gay Relationships with These 4 Fundamental Tips

Although the modern world is much more accepting of same sex relationships than generations past, it can still be difficult navigating the waters. Not only will some people be less than understanding, but it may be difficult for you to face the normal relationship pressures every couple encounters. These four vital tips, however, can help you to sustain healthy gay relationships. Take a look.

1) Talk About Being “Out” With Your Partner

The most important aspect of gay relationships is discussing how “out” the two of you are. This will help to define the public aspect of your relationship. If one partner hasn't yet come out, while the other partner is blatantly out, the two of you will want to discuss how you will handle the relationship.

Remember to be understanding of your partner's feelings. While it should be a goal to be open with your same sex relationship, remember that your partner (or you) may need extra time to do so.

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2) Monogamy & Commitment

Remember gay relationships are the same as heterosexual in that there ARE more fish in the sea. This may sound obvious, but many gay men feel that they are isolated from society in a small dating bubble. This has something to do with society's perception of same sex relationships, as well as the pressures of coming out. This can lead to unhealthy relationships, where one or both partners depend too heavily on someone they may not actually want to spend the rest of their life with.

Take your time making a commitment, but when you do decide to be monogamous, take that decision very seriously. As with all relationships, a decision to be exclusive is a big step, and cheating is one sure fire way to destroy an otherwise healthy relationship.

3) Communication

Communicating is one of the basic building blocks of healthy gay relationships. You must remember to talk to your partner – about the big things, small things, mundane things… everything. This is a big deal in gay relationships, because men tend to be more closed up about their feelings.

Even though you may not want to discuss them with the world, you do need to discuss your feelings with your partner. Even just a text, call, or short conversation about how your day went can go a long way in keeping communication lines wide open.

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4) Be Romantic

Romance is vital to healthy gay relationships. It doesn't have to be anything big or fancy. You could send your partner a card or flower for absolutely no reason other than you were thinking about them. Maybe you treat them to their favorite place, get tickets to the big game, give them a massage after a long day of work, or even simply text them “I miss you.”

Romance is all about showing the other person you care, trying new things, and keeping the love alive. Keeping the love alive isn't easy in any relationship, and gay relationships are no exception.

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