Lesbian Dating

Lesbian Dating Advice

Sometimes dating can be a daunting avenue to go down. From where you go, to how you do it and what to do if it is your first time out of the ‘closet’. Everyone had to start somewhere but dating has changed so much over the years, not everyone’s experience is the same.

Where to Meet Other Women?

The easiest form is probably over the internet but that brings its own problems but at least on a dating site you can hide behind your screen. You could go to a gay/lesbian club and try your luck there but the gay scene can be overwhelming.

Probably the best lesbian dating advice we can give you, is to date through someone you know and trust. Women can be quite private on the serious dating scene, unlike those groups you see at clubs, the ones there every Saturday. Lesbian dating can be hard but we generally find going on a few blind dates through friends can soften the blow and lead you to some fun experiences.

Advice for Lesbians to Attract a Partner & Build Self-Confidence

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