Do’s and Don’ts of Lesbian Speed Dating

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Get the Inside Scoop on Lesbian Speed Dating

If you're a busy women and you're interested in trying out lesbian speed dating which gives you the power to make new connections quickly, then our quick guide will be helpful.

Whether you choose to do lesbian speed dating online, via lesbian dating websites, or prefer to do it offline, right in your own community, our tips should assist you with getting the gist of things.

Who Does Lesbian Speed Dating?

In most cases, within communities, lesbian speed dating is something that busy, professional women who don't have a great deal of free time take part in. If your time is valuable and you want to boost your chances of meeting someone nice quickly, then this form of dating will be a practical choice. It does attract a range of age groups, so you should have the chance to meet women who fit your preferred age group, if you have one.

Sometimes, women sign up for lesbian speed dating services and then attend the events in their communities. Before they attend events, they provide organizers with information about their preferences. This helps the organizers to match them with other women who may be their types.

Some services allow women to indicate how masculine or feminine their new connections should be. If they don't have such preferences, they don't need to indicate anything.

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How to Chat On Your Date

Whether you're using an online dating platform in order to make rapid connections or meeting in the real world, you should focus on the other person. This means learning about the new lady and her life. We don't think it's polite to ask someone what they do for a living right away. Some people perceive this as being a “money question”. It's not really that romantic.

So, you may want to save the career questions for later on and focus on lighter things, such as asking her who her favorite comic book hero is or what her dream vacation would be. Try to pique her interest and make your questions interesting enough to stand out from the rest. Also, answer her questions in a way that is charming, honest and intriguing.

It's normal to feel a bit nervous unless you're a bit of player, so don't worry too much about the butterflies in your stomach, as she probably has them, too.

One topic to avoid during lesbian speed dating is exes. We all love to drone on about our failed relationships, but this is something for later on, like career questions. You want to project success, hope and positive energy and falling into the trap of revealing past romantic woes will not send the right message. You're supposed to be focused on her, not another “her” from days gone by!

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Start Lesbian Speed Dating Today

You deserve a new relationship, whether you want something casual or serious. When you use our dating tips, it should be simpler to move forward and find the right woman.

So, why not try this ultra-modern form of dating today?

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