How to Ask a Girl Out Over a Text

Asking a Girl Out Over Text

ask a girl out over a textMost girls prefer that you ask them out in person but that is not always possible. When you ask a girl out over a text make sure you don't make it look weird.

Whether you struggle with confidence issues or you want to avoid the embarrassment of face to face rejection, sending a text may be a good idea.

Whether you wish to ask a girl out on a date or for her to be your girlfriend, you must learn the proper phone etiquette.

Asking a girl out by text is a lot more difficult than just sending a random message.

How to Ask a Girl Out Over Text

If you are trying to learn how to ask a girl out over text, you must first understand her.

After that, in case you know the girl well, you can plan a date that includes their interests and hobbies.

You need to know that if the date sounds like it will be fun, she will be unlikely to say no.

In fact, if you do not have a solid plan of what you want to do on the date, you come off as confident and decisive.

If your text simply says ‘Let us hang out?’ or ‘what do you want to do?’ you may seem indecisive.

Keep the following tips in mind when asking a girl out

  • If you have similar tastes in art or music, ask her to join you for an upcoming art event or concert
  • Think of an activity that involves lots of conversation and activity. Stay away from boring activities that do not need lots of activity. Going out on movies is not a good idea if you are hanging out for the first time.
  • If you like cooking, ask her out for a homemade dinner.

Start With an Opening Text

One of the most important things when learning how to ask a girl out by text is starting a conversation.

The kind of conversation starter you choose may determine whether you get a text back.

If you do not know how to start a conversation, consider the following ideas;

  • ‘Hey, do you want to go to the farmer’s market this Friday?’

This text is straightforward and skips all pleasantries straight to the point.

It will work great if you and the girl have been talking for some time.

It states your intentions and allows her to send you a response having all the facts in mind.


asking a girl out over a text

  • ‘Hello beautiful’

This message is sweet and it gives the girl a compliment.

You can use it to start a conversation before asking the girl out on a date.

  • ‘Hello, it is so and so, we met at the mall’

If you have just met the girl, she may not have saved your number.

Start by introducing yourself and remind her where or when you met.

  • ‘Hey, did you enjoy the rest of your day?’

If you had any interaction with the girl recently, you may use it as an excuse to send her.

Additionally, in case, for example, you went to a party together, you may ask her if she enjoyed the rest of her day.

If you are in a class together, you may ask her about an upcoming test.

After sending the opening text, wait until you get a response before sending the next message.

In fact, if you send too many messages at once, you may come off as needy or impatient.

Send the Right Message

If you are learning how to ask a girl out by text, try to build a connection or relationship with her first.

You may ask her out on the second or third day of texting.

This is enough time for both of you to know whether you like each other enough to hang out.

Do not wait too long either. If you wait too long, asking her out may become awkward or unexpected.

Once you have a conversation going, you may ask her out.

Ask her if she would like to do a certain activity with you in a fun and polite way. Keep the text short and simple.

In fact, you need to give her the option to do something else if she does not like the activity you picked.

Actually, giving her a chance to choose lets her know that you are considerate of her feelings.

how to ask a girl out


Learn How to Flirt

Flirting with a girl over text is simple and it may help you increase your chances of going out with her.

Knowing how to flirt makes a girl want to get to know you.

It is very important when you are learning how to ask a girl out by text.

A guy that knows how to flirt is interesting and fun to hang out with.

If you cannot make her blush in person, you can make her blush through text.

Give the girl a sweet nickname and use it to lightly tease her whenever you text her.

The text should relate to something about her personality or something she said.

Respond to Her

If she expresses interest in hanging out with you, iron out the details with her and make arrangements of how you will meet.

Remember, if you do not handle logistics the right way, your date may turn out to be a disaster.

Figure out where you will meet and if either one of you will be picking the other one up.

Let her know that you are happy about seeing her.

Do not text her too much after she says yes. You may come off too strong.

You should, however, text her back if she continues to text you.

If she does not accept your offer, let her know that you respect her decision and hold no hard feelings.

In instances where she is not happy with the activity you picked, let her know that you are happy to do something else.

In fact, in case she is just not interested in hanging out with you, it may be time to move on.

Find another girl who wants to go out on you.

how to ask lady out

Texting is a gift for men and their game. It makes it possible to communicate with a girl even when they are away.

If you are a shy man, take advantage of it and ask the girl of your dreams out.

Think of texting as a means to an end and not an end to itself.

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