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relationship advice for menMen and women are both human, although guys and girls seem to have slightly different rules about what they want. Relationship advice for men is different than advice for women.

Everybody wants love, but desire and satisfaction are essential ingredients in a romantic relationship.

Guys are often initially attracted to looks, but her personality falls into focus very quickly. The following is essential relationship advice for men.

Finding Satisfaction Beyond Looks

Men seem to be way more sensitive to appearances in girls than women. This is not to say that women do not want attractive guys. They do.

Athletic bodies will turn women on, although they start looking for other traits very quickly. A man would be wise to take the same advice.

It is true that young women tend to be more playful and appealing, but mature women are more balanced in how they deal with issues.

If you get attached, then you have to deal with whatever attitude she carries.

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Understanding a Woman's Attitude

Beautiful women can also be charming because they are more likely to have broad social experiences through life. It is easy to fall for charm, but it is also superficial.

What you really want to know is how she handles pressure. This does not mean deliberately create friction but just to study how she reacts to disagreement.

This will happen as time together unfolds. When a discussion arises, just see how she handles it.

Mature women do not blow up. They stick to their argument but respect your opinion. They skillfully weave through personal differences and look for common points of agreement.

A lady behaving like this is not only desirable but is making the effort to have a relationship. That should pique your interest. She wants you if she is focused on keeping it positive.

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give a woman what she wants in a relationshipRelationship Advice for Men on What to Give Her

Women want secure relationships. They also want companionship, and so they look for happiness rather than just sex. The first step is just to take time to explore her and want to be her friend.

While friendship is not sex, it gradually moves in that direction. Girls want to spend time with a man, and that means being able to share activities and conversation.

Girls are often more sought after than men, so if you have her attention then give her what she wants.

It is a really bad idea to pressure women into sex. Pretty girls, in particular, tend to have a lot of friends, and that means they have a lot of people to complain to.

Political correctness today dictates considerable respect for the bodies and free will of women. Violating that could come at a high price.

The best relationship advice for men is to show respect.

Give Her Attention

A woman that is into you always shows you that this is the case. You have to do the exact same thing.

Firstly, make sure that you listen to her. You want to give her complete attention whenever she talks. This is especially important when she talks about something really important for her.

Secondly, ask her questions about her. This is something that is so often neglected. Talk about her day, her job and whatever she cares about.

Thirdly, never try to stop a serious conversation when it starts. Women hate that just as much as you do. In addition, it might be seen as you not caring. You do not want this to happen.

Give Her Respect

Most women respect men that they see as strong individuals. You want to do the same thing.

There is nothing worse for a relationship than a lack of respect. Women see this as much as a sign of failure as cheating.

Men often fail at showing that they respect the woman they are in a relationship with. Then, they are left wondering about what went wrong.

Very simple gestures like complimenting her for something well-done or telling her that she did something really well help. Obviously, the exact same thing can be said about something as honest as actually saying you respect her or what she does.

Final Thoughts About Relationship Advice for Men From Women

To sum up, every single man learns a lot from a woman. However, this is only the case if he wants to do exactly that.

The big problem is that in so many cases we see men thinking that they already know everything about women. Remember that every single woman you meet is unique.

Something that a woman loves can easily be something that another woman hates. Due to this, always talk with the woman you are dating. She will actually tell you everything that you need to know about her.

No matter what others might have told you in the past, women are honest and are an open book. There is this common misconception that you cannot read women. The exact opposite is the truth.

Listen to women and respect them. Go the extra mile and also remember that you have to work on a relationship for it to be successful.

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