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What Are the Best Dating Tips for Women?

couple datingDating can seem difficult for the best of women. There are so many bad dates before you find a good one, and men can often keep you second-guessing. While nobody can help you weed and seed through the potential matches to find the good ones, these best dating tips for women can help you to hold up your end of the date!

Be Confident

Being confident makes you more attractive to your date, and it can make you feel better, as well. You are strong, beautiful, intelligent, and witty – just believe it!

This will also help stop you from falling for someone below your normal standards out of desperation. Don't settle for anything less than you deserve.

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Important Dating Tip for Women: Be Safe

Whether you met your date online or through work, it is always important to be safe. Agree to meet in a well-lit, populated place for a minimum of three dates. Always drive yourself, don't over-indulge in alcohol, and always tell someone where you are supposed to be.

If things seem to be taking a wrong turn, let someone know. Simply excuse yourself to the bathroom, and make a call or send a text on your cell. If your date appears to be getting aggressive, don't attempt to leave on your own. Call or ask someone to assist you.

Dress Appropriately

Of course, we all want to look our best, but keep in mind what is appropriate for the date you are going on. It doesn't make sense, for example, to go bowling in heels and a dress fit for a ball.

It also just wouldn't do to show up to a five-star restaurant in an old gym shirt and sweatpants. Actually, you should probably never show up to a date wearing that, but that's beside the point.

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Be Talkative, But a Good Listener

Be open about who you are, and what you enjoy. Answer questions he asks you, and talk about subjects that you enjoy. But don't forget to ask him about his own likes, dislikes, and interests. Listen intently when he speaks, making eye contact to show you are listening.

Another way to show that you are interested is to lean closer to him when he is talking. Even if no response is needed, an occasional nod of the head will also let him know you are listening.

Be Ready for an Awkward Moment

We all want to look confident but this is not always what comes out. Also, men often suffer from nerves during the first date.

Ice-breakers work great. Whenever you struggle with ideas to talk about, you could always refer to something that you thought about at home.

You will deal with awkward moments. This is completely normal. Do not believe this is a problem that you could never go over. These things happen.

best dating tip for women - do not play gamesDo Not Play Games

Men do not like women that play games. This is completely normal since the exact opposite also applies.

Women are often guilty of playing games when dating. It is always much better to just avoid them.

You want to be completely genuine during the first date. This includes talking about your intentions and feelings. These are fundamental for the success of a relationship.

Know Non-Negotiables – One of the Underrated Best Dating Tips for Women

Before you go to a date, you have to look at yourself and understand what deal breakers exist. For instance, you might not want a relationship with men that are smokers or cat lovers.

When you talk during the date, it is a good idea to mention things that could lead towards your non-negotiables. Just do not include financial or physical attributes.

It is always important to focus on value systems, personality types and character traits when looking for deal breakers.

Do Not Limit Yourself

As a simple example, women that are in their twenties often believe that it is a really bad idea to date a man that has a child. This is not always the case.

When you date, you have to be open. This includes not limiting yourself to some things that are simply dictated by society.

Mister Right might be someone that already has a child and is divorced. A relationship should be seen as a connection between the two involved, not between all people that existed in someone’s past.

Do Not Lie

One of the worst things you could do during a date is lying. Unfortunately, this happens because we naturally want to make a good first impression.

Honesty is mandatory right from the start of a relationship. When you date, you need to tell the truth.

Also, do not inflate the truth. This can easily backfire.

Bonus Best Dating Tips For Women: Just Be Yourself!

The very best dating tips for women is to just be yourself. Nothing is more attractive than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and feels 100% fine with just being herself.

Don't try to pretend you are someone you are not, or that you are interested in things you don't care about. It may serve its purpose at the beginning of the relationship, but it will undoubtedly cause big problems down the line.

Plus, you certainly aren't going to find your prince charming by pretending – no matter what princess movies tell you!

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