How to Ask a Girl out at Work While Staying Professional

4 Tips on How to Ask a Girl out at Work

Ask a girl out at workAsking a girl you work with to go out on a date with you can be very tricky. You want to avoid being too forward, but at the same time, you want to show her that you are interested.

Moreover, you want to avoid making your work life awkward. But the desire to ask her out might be burning you up on the inside.

Office dating nowadays is quite common and generally acceptable. As long as you behave appropriately when asking your coworker out on a date.

And as long as both of you can keep the relationship professional, there will be nothing to worry about. The following are some useful tips on how to ask a girl out at work:

1. Review the Employee Handbook

It is always a good idea to check the employee handbook first before asking a coworker out on a date. Some companies have really strict rules on workplace dating. Some of them uphold a zero-tolerance policy on the matter, and transgressions can lead to termination.

If this is the case for your company, is the girl you want to date worth losing your occupation over?

Some other companies do not restrict interoffice dating outright. But if the workplace dating turns into a serious relationship, one party might need to leave their job.

If things work out very well with your coworker, ask yourself if you will be ready to leave the company and look for a new job.

You should be very sure that how you approach the girl when asking her out doesn't violate the sexual harassment policy in your company.

2. Do Not Leave a Paper Trail

Another useful tip on how to ask a girl out at work is to always ensure that you leave no paper trail. In whatever you do, avoid using your company's email ID.

In fact, don't use it to send your coworker a flirtatious message asking her if she wants to go out on a date with you. Some companies are really strict on keeping email records of employees.

If the girl feels somehow threatened or annoyed because you are sending her emails during work hours for a personal matter, she might present your email to the relevant higher authorities.

You also want to avoid using the company phone to call her up for the purpose of asking her out on a date. This is considered a misuse of workplace property.

Rather, you should approach your coworker in person to be on the safe side. You might have to input more gumption.

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Asking a girl you work with to go out on a date

3. Have a Specific Date and Time in Mind

If you just approach her and say, “Would you like to go out on a date sometime?” She might reply in the affirmative simply because she does not want to hurt you. This will leave you wondering when the hypothetical date will occur and if the girl was simply being polite to you.

To avoid such a situation, ask her out to a specific restaurant or any other venue at a specific time. E.g., you can say: “Hello, my buddy gave me 2 tickets to this amazing movie airing this Saturday night. Do you want to accompany me?”

She may accept to go out just to avoid office politics. However, sometimes she may want to give a shot and figure out how things will work out.

On the other hand, if she is not into you at all, she will probably say she had already made some plans and will not try to schedule another outing.

4. Try to Reassure Her When You Ask a Girl Out at Work

Another useful tip on how to ask a girl out at work is to offer some reassurance. Any woman who truly values her occupation may be a bit hesitant on accepting your offer for dating, even if she finds you very attractive.

Try to ease her doubts. You can do this in a conversation; informing her that you are aware of office dating taboo. And let her know she's worth the risk.

Prove that you have done your homework by showing her the policies set by the company regarding office dating. However, don't use this as your opening line to ask her out.

Also tell her that if things fail to work out well between the two of you, you will sweep everything under the rug and you will also not let it affect your workplace relationship.

Final Thoughts

Dating someone from work can be a real turn-on for many. It is usually really exciting and adds spice to the relationship. However, it can also go downhill really fast.

Unfortunately, there are countless stories about how work dating ended up being a total disaster. In fact, in most cases, one of the two or both end up without a job.

All this is something that can be avoided when you are honest and when everything is transparent. Obviously, everything can be quite complicated in the event that dating is not allowed at work.

The best thing you can do is to keep communication channels open. You should never hide the relationship from the boss and you want to keep everything professional at work.

Whenever there are problems, you have to be careful. In fact, this is something that might be better discussed at the start of such a relationship. Never go into a date with a colleague if you cannot separate work from romance!

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