How to Attract a Sagittarius Man and Keep Him

What Defines a Sagittarius?

how to attract a sagittarius manIf you are looking to attract a Sagittarius man, then you first need to know what makes him tick.

He is a Sagittarius if he is born between November 22nd and December 21st. Sagittarius has a lot of good traits.

His sign dictates that he is probably adventurous, creative and strong-willed. Additionally, he is very energetic, charming, and independent.

However, he doesn't like running in a pack and will most probably not stop going after what he wants. Your Sagittarius man is also brutely honest, sometimes without realizing the impact of his words. They also can have a tendency to be careless and irresponsible.

Positive Sagittarius Traits

Here are some of his strongest qualities:

Strong Spirited

He has an unshakeable spirit. Hence, it takes a lot to wear him down

Extremely Generous

Generosity is something that he naturally has. You don't have to convince him to share what he has

Speak Their Mind

Sagittarius men tend to be very open about what they think. This may sometimes come off as very blunt to people who do not understand this specific quality.

On the positive side, you can always count on them to be very honest, no matter the circumstance.

Great Between the Sheets

They are very good in bed, as can be deducted from their nature of being adventurous. They very easily adapt to change; new tools, new toys, you name it.

Negative Sagittarius Traits to Work On


One of their weakest qualities is that they find it hard to put other peoples needs above their own.

This does not come from a malicious place but because they are extremely aware of what steps they need to take in order to achieve their goals. Other people's needs can very easily be seen as distractions.

Difficulty with Teams

Another weak quality that they have is that they sometimes find it hard to work in teams since they work very independently, they will rarely seek thoughts or input from their partners.

Relationships Need High Value

Because they are open, Sagittarius men find it really hard to stay in relationships that are of little or no value to them.

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What Does a Sagittarius Man Look For?

You will first need to understand what he looks for in a woman in order for you to decide whether or not you check all the boxes. Alternatively, you would like to make some changes.

Sagittarius men look for a well-read woman. You have to have knowledge of a wide range of topics in order to satisfy his constantly churning mind. Think about religion, sports, education and of course, the meaning of life.

A strong personality would also be a plus. He will definitely come on strong in anything he does, and he needs a woman who can challenge him and not back down. Always think about how much grit you have in you.

Independence is definitely a non-negotiable. A woman who definitely won't need his approval all the time and one who would in turn also be comfortable with him making his own decisions.

Lastly, he looks for a sexy and self-aware woman. One who knows what she wants and just like the man, will not stop until she gets what she wants.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Man Given His Internal Strength?

Given how focused he probably will be in his own goals and ambitions, here are a few tips to help you grab his attention and make him remember you:

  1. Of course, be as sexy as possible. Put on that dress that accentuates all your curves. Spray on some fragrance that is a bit strong and let that draw him towards you. Know how to play the line between flirting and normal conversation very well in order to keep him wanting more.
  2. Be authentic. Just like a wolf, a Sagittarius man will smell forced energy from a distance. Don't force yourself into conversations or debates that you cannot handle in order to just impress him. Take every step with graceful stride.
  3. Always keep him guessing. Don't pull all of your cards on the first date. In effect, he will definitely be driven by the passion to want to know more.
  4. Be sure that you want a long-term commitment. Be prepared for this reality when you start dating them. They will rarely date for the sake of it.

How to Know That He Likes You:

Here are signs a Sagittarius man likes you:

  1. He will be exceedingly honest with you. He will start to be very open about his feelings towards you, what he likes, and what put him off. Don't let that scare you. Reciprocate the same and find a way for both of you to meet halfway.
  2. He will compliment you on your intellect
  3. He will want to take you to new adventures
  4. You will start to notice that he is now more relaxed when he is with you. He can give the occasional joke and won't be on such a tight schedule anymore
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signs a Sagittarius man likes you

Keeping a Sagittarius Man

If your efforts to attract a Sagittarius man bear fruit and you end up in a relationship with them, there still are a few more tips to still keep them hooked.

Be Romantic

Always keep the romance on a high. In other words, much to people's surprise, Sagittarius men are actually quite the romantics.

Basically, they enjoy the occasional dinner, low lights, and quiet spots. He will definitely spoil you when it comes to romance. Buy you all the nice things and take you to all the nice places. In essence, you should be careful to not forget to do the same for him.

Try Something New

Make sure to try new things with your Sagittarius man. In any relationship, it is very easy to get into a routine and just do the normal things. Remember to once in a while experiment with things and places that you have never been to before.

Avoid Jealousy and Trust His Loyalty

Avoid being jealous. By default, and due to their strong nature, a lot of women will always be attracted to Sagittarius men. Don't let this be something that bothers you or that you argue over.

Be strong and aware of the position that you hold is enough. In a word, the confidence will definitely keep his eyes away from other women and all of his attention will be on you.


Make sure that you grow. Don't remain the same person he dated. Immerse yourself in new projects and pick up new hobbies.

As mentioned earlier, a Sagittarius thrives in a challenging environment. If that is not offered to him at home, he will seek other forms of challenges to engage him better.

Have Goals

Lastly, don't be the housewife. Staying at home is something he will definitely appreciate, but too much of it will just seem boring to him.

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