Relationship Advice For Women on the Male Brain

Actionable Relationship Advice for Women

important relationship advice for womenGood relationship advice for women is based on understanding the difference between his desires and yours. Not every guy is shallow, but many guys think similarly.

The most important thing is that a woman deserves respect. No girl should have to feel desperate or in the position of less power.

Women frequently have more options than guys, so she should take her time to make a very smart choice.

Advice for Women to Get Inside The Male Brain

A lot of thoughts run through the minds of men, the same as through those of women. Every guy is a complex creature and will have had plenty of unique experiences and maybe some quirks because of it.

Guys have to get to know a girl in order to really like her, and it pays to be open to a guy's unique personality as well. Of course, if he is a jerk then step aside.

There is no doubt that men are struck by a woman's body like lightning, much faster than women react to a man's physique. This is not to say ladies do not have an appetite, but men are especially wired.

The physique of a woman, as well as markers of youth such as bright skin, will make his head turn instantly. If he approaches you randomly, he is responding to an impulsive desire.

There is always a chance it could work, but impulses are like a hill to get over. The man is in hunting mode and might say or do things out of character in order to get the girl.

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Male Character Cues To Watch For

Clues to character, such as centering on self-importance, might still show through. Otherwise, a guy pursuing a girl will act much more charming and willing to give than normal.

The attention of a guy can be flattering, but understand it is a show. Sincere love can make a bad person act very well for a while.

Understand that the best prediction of future behavior is past behavior.

As emotions calm down, a selfish person might revert to behaving selfishly. It takes a long time to get to know a person.

If you really want to understand men, then buy the book For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men on Amazon.

Mid-term Relationship Advice For WomenMid-term Relationship Advice for Women

If a guy is unpopular, then it can be damaging to even be with the guy. That said, there are sweethearts out there that are underrated.

A woman only has so much time, and she has to decide who is worth the effort.

Someone who has a will to think about real commitment is someone to look at, as many guys think they can get away with casual relationships. On the other hand, deliberate good guys are totally misleading.

A girl must always present herself as a lady with standards and insist that things need to go one step at a time. She needs to have him over for dinner and give in to nothing even if he has a ripped body.

Every lady is in it for the long haul whether she knows it or not, and the guy has to be aware of the long haul as well.

If he stays casual, then it is your responsibility to nudge him into discussing commitment.

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The Girl Is Always Worth It

Sometimes it seems the guy is more worthwhile because he might have a great job or an aura of charisma that attracts everyone to him.

While more ladies might feel attraction to a guy like this, he needs to see his potential partner as worth his love and admiration.

Girls have precious few years where they can have children while guys gain desirability as they climb their careers. If a guy is not devoted, then he is not worth it. That is the best relationship advice for women.

Signs That the Relationship Is Doomed

Unfortunately, many men are masters at making things seem a lot better than they are. Due to this, you need to be aware of when a relationship should end.

Look at the following signs that you should walk away. Obviously, many others can be mentioned but these ones are pretty easy to notice.

  • The Hypothetical Future

In many cases, men just postpone important decisions. They say that things will be better in the future.

This might be the case but in most situations, nothing changes. It is easy to be drawn into false promises. Only stay in a relationship in the event that there are signs that something actually changes.

This is particularly important when problems appear.

  • The Pressure To Change

Changing in a relationship is completely normal. However, what is not normal is changing something that is really important for you.

Think about your values and identify what you do not want to sacrifice. If the partner asks you to change something that is a core part of you, it might be time to end the relationship.

Unconditional love is needed in a relationship. Also, constantly being told that you have to change something is a sign that serious problems exist.

  • You Feel Love Just When Things Are Great

Last but not least, when the support of the man comes just as you are happy, it is time to make changes. At the end of the day, you want someone to be near you for good or for worse.

Think about what happens when you have a bad day. Does he support you?

If at any point in time you feel the pressure to always be happy and you cannot allow yourself to be sad, it is time to run. Your happiness is more important.

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