Top 10 Things Men Find Attractive

What Men Find Attractive in Women

Traditional media channels have led people to believe that what men find attractive in women is their looks. what men find attractive advise to women

Though looks do matter since men are visual creatures, there is much more that attracts men to women than looks.

In fact, it is a combination of physical factors and other factors that attract men to women.

The factors may vary from man to man, but there are certain female features that men universally find attractive including:


There is a reason a man will gaze into a woman’s eyes when he is attracted to her.

They are the beautiful windows into her soul.

Though color preference depends on the individual, blue eyes are the most sought after color by men.

The clarity of the eyeballs and distinctiveness of color are crucial elements that make a woman’s eyes attractive to a man.


Men are attracted to women with strong personalities.

They love women who stand by their principles and who also have a fun personality.

More importantly, matching personalities is what men find attractive.

For attraction to happen, there must be some amount of compatibility, which is why matching personalities are so vital.

Hourglass Figure

Of course, large breasts and curvy backsides are what men find attractive, but more specific than that; it is about a woman’s hip waist ratio.

The hip waist ratio is what gives a woman that hourglass figure.

An hourglass figure is so important to men as it showcases a woman’s childbearing hips, which is a sign of fertility.

When it comes to what men find attractive, a woman’s build and size matter little when compared to her shape.


Though it is common knowledge that women are attracted to men who are more willing to take risks, the opposite is surprisingly also true.

Men also find women who are adventurous just as attractive.

The willingness to try new things is a crucial factor.

It lets a man know that a woman will be willing to try new things to keep their relationship alive.

However, what men find attractive is limited to activities with a beneficial outcome as opposed to driving without a seatbelt, or any other reckless activity.

Good hair

A woman’s hair is one of the first things men notice.

What men find attractive about a woman’s hair is different from what women find attractive about men’s hair.

For most men, long flowing hair is what they find attractive.

Natural hair without too much product is precisely what they find attractive, but it can vary from person to person.

what do men find attractive

Shorter than Them

Both men and women prefer the male to be the taller one in the relationship.

Many studies suggest that taller men are perceived to be stronger and more successful than their shorter counterparts.

Men do not necessarily want short women but those that are shorter than them.

Therefore, if a man is tall, they will want a tall woman as long as she is shorter than them and vice versa.

Tattoos and Piercings

In a survey where men answered questions about what they thought about tattoos and piercings on women, the majority of them stated that they did like them.

More specifically, men stated finding shoulder and upper back tattoos most attractive while belly button piercings were the most attractive as it pertains to piercings.

Surprisingly, even men without tattoos stated that they were attracted to women with tattoos and piercings.

The survey found out that women with tattoos and piercings were considered more approachable and promiscuous by men.


It is not surprising that men find a woman’s smile to be attractive as it is a great signal of a woman’s receptiveness.

A smile can brighten up a room or attract every guy in the room.

A smile also shows that a woman has a sense of humor as you are most likely to smile or laugh if you find something funny.

Men find a woman’s ability to laugh at herself or a situation very attractive.



A positive woman is going to attract far more men than one who is negative.

Positivity goes far beyond looking at situations optimistically. It also involves being supportive in the face of failure.

A woman with a positive outlook on life is sure to have more things go her way.

Moreover, positive women attract positive men, and vice versa is also true.

High Pitched Voice

A unique quality that men find attractive in women is a high pitched voice.

A high pitched voice is considered to be a sign of femininity and youth by most men.

However, moderately high pitched voices are more attractive than extremely high pitched voices.

Men also consider a high pitched voice a signal of submissiveness which most men are attracted to in a woman.

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Men are also very attracted to the right walk. Most men define the right walk as one with a hip swing that draws them, which varies from person to person.

A woman who has long, lean legs can accentuate the right walk.

However, a strut like a model on a catwalk is sure to attract a man to a woman.

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