How to Write a Dating Profile | 6 Simple Steps to Make Your Profile Standout

You Need a Great Dating Profile

writing a dating profileLearning how to write a dating profile is vital on any dating website in order to attract the right people.

Your dating profile is one of the first things that a potential date will see about you.  How you describe yourself will have huge impact on their first impression.

If you make a good first impression, you can expect the rest of your interaction to go that much smoother. In contrast, if you mess up, you are going to be struggling uphill the entire way.

If you want to be successful in finding love, you need to understand how to write a great dating profile to save yourself from falling into unlikely matches.

What Are 6 Tips on How to Write a Dating Profile?

Here are some examples:

Get a Good Photo

For starters, you want to use a good photo for yourself. Generally speaking, this means an honest photo because the people who will be checking them out will want to see you as you are rather than you as you would like to be.

For that matter, if you are including more than one photo, you should consider adding one or two showing you doing something that you enjoy.

This is helpful because it provides a more well-rounded look at who you are as a person and offers great conversation ideas .

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Check for Mistakes

You need to double-check your dating profile for both grammar and spelling mistakes. By doing so, you can eliminate errors that can make you seem sloppier. This is a problem because most people don't find sloppiness to be attractive.

Furthermore, you'll want to look over your dating profile to make sure that you set a consistent tone. Conflicting messages can be very confusing and thus very alienating for the readers.

If you are not good at proofreading, you should find a friend or a family member who can lend a helping hand.

Be Positive

“Be positive” is one of the most common recommendations on how to write a dating profile. This is because a positive presentation encourages a positive response from readers. Whereas a negative presentation encourages negativity in turn.

Having said this, it is perfectly possible to say the same thing in either a positive or a negative manner.

For example, you sound positive when you list characteristics of people who make you happy. In contrast, you sound negative when you list characteristics that people need to have before contacting you.

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don't show tellDon't Tell, Show

Showing rather than telling is one of the most common pieces of writing advice that can be found out there. As a result, it is perhaps unsurprising to learn that it is applicable when it comes to writing dating profiles as well.

Simply put, it is very easy for people to claim that they are either smart, funny, or interesting. But it tends to be much more convincing when they can convey those things in their writing.

For example, you don't say that you are an interesting person. Instead, you speak about your hobbies, your interests, and your personal passions.

Whether that means talking about the far-off places that you would like to see or the fun that you have had by pursuing an artistic project of some sort.

Be Revealing to Write a Dating Profile

Dating profiles aren't a good place for you to clam up about yourself. Instead, you should be using it as a chance to broadcast more of your hobbies, your interests, and your characteristics. Each one of those things is something that could end up convincing a reader to make contact.

Furthermore, you should go into a bit of detail about each of the things that you list. As a result, you shouldn't just say that you are interested in foreign cultures.

Instead, write something about the foreign languages that you have learned, the foreign countries that you have visited, and other relevant pieces of information.

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Have Conversation Starters

On a final note, much of how to write a dating profile revolves around encouraging the reader to start a conversation.

To encourage this, you will want to insert conversation starters throughout your dating profile, which can provide them with the push needed to overcome that initial barrier.

If you are not sure what you should write, you could discuss some of your plans for the future before adding a sentence at the end inviting readers to share their opinions about what you are planning to do.

Add More Images

A common mistake when creating a dating profile is adding just one image. This image is usually used for the profile pic.

The problem with this is that you cannot actually show everything you want to with one picture. Also, it is possible that you have many other assets than what is showcased in that one image.

Specialists recommend adding at least 5 pictures. They should include important things about you, like personality hints and fashion sense.

Do not add images with you without clothes on. This is true even when this is allowed and you have a wonderful body you are very happy with.

Think about what images you could add. Maybe you can add one from work. Maybe you can add one with your children if they are important for you.

No matter the case, be sure that you never add just one image. Look for the best images you have and add them to your dating profile.

When you do this, you get more requests. More people will want to talk to you, which is what you want !

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