Speed Dating Questions – The Best Ones To Ask

What Are the Best Speed Dating Questions to Ask?

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Meeting new people and then dating them takes a lot of time and can be quite complicated. Speed dating helps take most of the pressure off.

You do not look for people that have an empty ring finger in the club. Singles come to your table and you get a chance of meeting the one.

The problem is you just have a few minutes to interact. This is why you need to be aware of the best speed dating questions to ask.

In speed dating, most women and men make the decision to continue or not in the first minute after sitting down. You are not on a first date. It is more like making a good first impression. You need to make everything count.

First impressions are vital in dating in general and even more important in speed dating. There are countless speed dating questions you might want to ask but you need to choose some that will reveal what is actually important. You want to avoid questions about children or deep fears.

During speed dating, you have to focus on compatibility. This is easy when you ask the right speed dating questions.

The next time you go speed dating, leave the questions about movies at home. This reveals nothing important. Instead, focus on confident body language and ask these good speed dating questions:

#1 – Did You Travel To An Interesting Place Recently?

Asking questions about travel gets good responses. This is because you get the chance to learn about the interests of the other person.

At the same time, you also open up a wonderful dialogue about music, hobbies, food, and potential future destinations. You never know what great topic can come up.

#2 – What’s Your Favorite Restaurant/Place To Eat?

This is a speed dating question that people rarely ask but often helps because it is really simple. A conversation can easily be brought to a halt when the other person needs to think a lot about the answer.

When you ask about something really specific, like the favorite place to eat, you learn about what the other person likes as you let him/her know that you want to try something new.

#3 – Where Do You See Yourself In 3 Years?

The speed dating questions you ask should set some expectations. One of them is almost always that you are interested in more than just a one-night stand. The answer to this question gives an idea of what is desired in life.

For instance, maybe the other person is outgoing and wants to climb the career ladder right to the top. This shows that the person is ambitious.

On the other hand, if the other person says “married with children”, it shows that something serious is desired.

Usually, people ask about the past since it seems like one of the really safe speed dating questions. However, this can bring up some painful memories. You have a lot of time to learn about the past if things work out between you two.

#4 – Is There Something Important You Accomplished Recently At Work?

One of the most common speed dating questions is “What do you do for work?” People are tired with this and there is a really good possibility that the question was heard numerous times in the past.

Instead of going the common route, you allow the other person to brag a little. This eases the tension and you can learn about the job at the same time.

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#5 – What Is The One Place You Want To Visit?

This speed dating question is a sure thing because it reveals information about both the future and travel wishes. There is always one place that we want to visit.

During speed dating, the question is great as you show interest in the plans of the other person and you actually place yourself in the plans through asking.

Also, if you were already there in the past, a future date is much easier to get as you have a reason for it.

#6 – Do You Want Children?

Although this is one of the more personal speed dating questions, it is a really important one. It helps you to see if you two match.

As an example, if you want a long-term relationship and the speed dating partner does not want that, it is a problem you cannot get over. The opposite also applies.

#7 – Who Is Your Favorite Celebrity?

While it is true that the best speed dating questions are all about the future, this does not mean you cannot ask questions about the present.

Talking about the favorite celebrity can offer so many interesting insights. The other person can mention the name of anyone, from an athlete to an actor.

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#8 – Do You See Religion As Important?

Religion is always a really tricky subject. For so many people it is a deal-breaker.

This speed dating question is really good if things go great and you have some extra time or if religion is really important for you. When you live with someone, religious differences are very hard to get over.

#9 – What Music Do You Like?

Talking about musical tastes can be a really simple conversation-starter. You instantly figure out if you have this in common and if you do, the conversation can easily go further towards favorite singers, bands or even music videos.

Talking about the music you love is so much easier than other topics.

Final Things To Remember About Speed Dating Questions

All the good speed dating questions above are great but there is always the possibility there is no time to ask them all. However, they do offer an indication of where the conversation should go towards.

Obviously, it is possible that you will forget some of them. If you find yourself caught up t in the heat of the moment, simply remember this:

  • Avoid questions about the past. It is better to ask questions about the future.
  • Try to be as original as possible. Ask questions others do not.
  • Have fun and focus on making a really good first impression as opposed to seeing the meeting as a date.

You only have a couple of minutes to talk with the other person during speed dating. Make them count.

If you went to such events and you have a favorite speed dating question you love asking or being asked, mention it below in a comment. Everyone would love to hear from you.

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