What is Internet Dating? | They Have an App for That

What is Internet Dating? | Internet Dating: A Misnomer

what is internet datingInternet dating has been around since the late 90s, taking the place of a personal ad. Now, it is the norm. Instead of people asking where people met, they now ask on what site. The name internet dating is a bit misleading, it should be called internet meeting instead.

Most dating sites have membership fees covering 1, 3, 6, and 12-month memberships. The most popular internet dating site is Match.com, it followed on the heels of Yahoo Dating, and has several sister sites, like the free Plenty of Fish (POF).

eHarmony used to be a big contender, but they lost steam due to having so few members. It seems as if a site does not belong to the Match conglomerate their time online is dated.

The Rest of Them

There are also niche-oriented sites, like ClownDating.com, or FarmersDate.com. These do exist, there are sites for pet lovers, fitness enthusiasts, religion-specific, and even politics.

What is Internet Dating and How Does Internet Dating Work?

With internet dating, each member fills out profile information to include physical characteristics, age, education, ethnicity, religion, and in some cases political affiliation.

Some sites also ask for marital status. This is important because some people are single, which generally means they have never been married, some are separated, then, of course, those divorced, and widowed.

Single or Single Again?

Until venturing out into the online dating arena, sometimes people do not know they have a preference regarding status. Most assume if the other person is single – meaning not married or dating anyone else, that is all there is to consider.

In that case, perhaps online dating should be called online learning. For once involved in online dating, there is indeed a learning curve.

They Have an App for That

Internet dating evolved. It is not just about the internet. Computers are actually becoming obsolete. There is now mobile dating. Yes, there is an app for that.

Tinder is the most popular mobile dating app, and since their entry into the dating arena, others such as Match and POF make sure in their ads that the app is mentioned several times.

So, Which One?

When considering online dating, purchase a trial package first. Or, try a free site like POF belonging to Match. Note: Having a profile does not always mean someone is a paying member.

Internet Dating Statistics

Important Internet Dating Safety Tips

Asking yourself “what is internet dating” is just one of the very important questions you have to ask yourself. You should also think about internet dating safety.

You should be weary of the fact that not all people are honest. Besides, are you fully honest with others? Many are much more dishonest than you.

If you want to use internet dating, remember the following vital safety tips.

  • Google yourself

One of the first things you should know is that there is most likely a lot of information about you online. Anyone with access to the internet can learn things about you.

For instance, if there is an ad online with your name in which you sell your house, someone might learn where you live.

  • Do not give the full name

Never list the full name until you trust the other person.

It is important to be authentic in your internet dating profile but never give out too many personal details. This only gives access to a world of information available online.

  • Never reveal your employer

It is a really good thing to be proud of your job. However, this does not mean that you should needlessly hand out information.

When referring to the online dating profile, keep things vague. There are apps that pull in the job title and the company. They do this automatically.

Unfortunately, this is just a huge security problem. Someone might easily show up at your office unannounced.

  • Always meet in public places

This is the last really important internet dating safety tip to remember. Unfortunately, although this is a really obvious safety tip, it is not always respected.

As a matter of fact, it is a very good idea to meet farther away from home than usual. In the event that the two of you have a great time, you can meet in your neighborhood later.

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