How to Get Your Ex to Like You Again

How to Get Your Ex to Like You Again

how to get your ex to like you againBelieve it or not, getting your ex to fall back in love with you after you have broken up can be (emphasis CAN be) a lot easier than most people make it out to be. That is if you know what you are doing in the first place!

But that’s where most people fail right out of the gate. Getting back with your ex is all about many things, including a lot of information you need.

People promise the moon and the stars when it comes to changing without ever really changing. They have unrealistic expectations and create unrealistic expectations in their partner.

Additionally, the whole thing goes well for about two or three weeks before everything starts to fireball faster than anyone could have ever thought possible.

The truth about how to get your ex to like you again is to be smart, strategic, and sincere about making changes to get your ex back and you will stand a lot better shot.

We are going to show you how to give yourself every opportunity to win back the love of your life once again!

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You've Got to Give Them Time Right out of the Gate

There is absolutely nothing that kills your chances of getting back together with an ex more so than trying to get right back with them almost immediately after your breakup.

Trying to get back together with one another almost immediately after you’ve decided to cut ties is always bad news, as there is just too much baggage weighing everything down.

There’s a lot of negative emotion hovering over a relationship that could have been rekindled. However, you tried to move too quickly.

And, you’ll want to make sure that you do everything in your power to avoid jumping back in. At least, before things have had a chance to calm down.

There’s no cut and dry amount of time that you have to wait to pass in order to figure out how to get your ex to like you again. You’ll have to go by feel.

But, as a general rule of thumb wait until you feel like the time is right. Then, wait two weeks longer!

Time heals all wounds. You surely heard this over and over again. It is completely true when referring to relationships.

create positive memoriesYou've Got to Overload Them with Positive Memories While Washing Away the Negative Ones

At the beginning of a relationship – any relationship – pretty much everyone on all sides is willing to overlook small flaws and annoyances. This is just because of the positivity that a new relationship brings to the table is so overwhelming.

At the end of a relationship, even the smallest of flaws get amplified right through the roof. That’s usually why people decide to call it quits.

You want to make sure that you are creating as many positive experiences as possible when you’re trying to rekindle something with someone.

Completely overloading the negativity with positive experiences and avoiding – at all costs – dredging up any unpleasant experiences from the past.

This does not mean that you can lie. You want to show genuine interest and care. Never try to create positive memories that are just false.

Remember that when you start new habits and you do new things, they have to stick. If you just get back to your old ways, it is a certainty that your ex will eventually leave you.

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You've Got to Bring Something New to the Table

Nobody wants to go around and around on a relationship merry-go-round. You need to really cement that in your brain before you dive right in.

You have to bring something new to the table or the person is going to realize (pretty quickly) that they signed up for the same thing that they abandoned just a short while ago.

You’ll never get a third chance to win them back.

Make yourself a better you and you’ll have something of extreme value to offer – and that’s when your odds of successfully getting your ex back again shoot right through the roof!

So How to Get Your Ex to Like You Again?

As you can see, if you want to get your ex to like you again, everything starts with giving him/her some space. This is important to let bad thoughts and ideas drift away.

After you leave some time, you need to show that you understand what the problems are. This is easier said than done.

Showing genuine care and interest are always fundamental parts of the process. You want to make the other person see that you changed.

After you start talking again, you need to show that something actually changed. Keep listening and always work on your relationship.

Trust is easily lost and hard to gain.

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