Long Distance Relationship Advice That Actually Works

Long Distance Relationship Advice: Building A Stronger Partnership

long distance relationship advice you can trustEvery person in your life will have long distance relationship advice for you. Whether it is your family, friends, or coworkers, individuals will tell you everything from ‘this is a bad idea’ to ‘this is the best thing you can do for your future together!’

Let’s take a moment to shove aside all of the bad, contradictory advice and provide you with concrete information you can use to build a stronger partnership, even when separated a city, state, or continent apart.

Advice #1: Communication

The best piece of long distance relationship advice we can provide is to focus on how you communicate. Individuals tend to overly communicate when apart, to the point where they burn out.

When considering long distance relationship with your partner, consider how you are going to communicate. Set up chats ahead of time, and leave avenues of communication open.

You do not need to video chat every night for your relationship to survive. Instead, be open and work out how you will communicate with your partner.

Advice #2: Perspective

Surviving a long distance relationship is all about perspective. Our second piece of advice is to adopt a positive, practical approach to being apart.

Along with setting ground rules (as seen above in communication), be sure that you and your partner have your expectations worked out.

Neither of you should be traveling out of your way excessively. Or be setting limits on what the other person can do. Outside of safety and fidelity within the relationship that is.

Instead, our 2nd piece of long distance relationship advice is to take advantage of the opportunity you have when apart. Before spending the rest of your lives together, see what it is like to be on your own, without your partner.

Pick up a hobby, learn a skill, and use this time to better yourself. When you and your partner are reunited you will be amazed at how much this can improve your relationship.

Advice #3: Do Things Together

When people read this piece of advice, they immediately consider planning a trip to see their partner. That is not what we mean.

What we want you to do is consider planning activities with your partner outside of simply talking. Our long distance relationship advice is for you to find hobbies that don’t require you being right next to your partner.

Picking up painting, playing chess from afar, creating a reading or movie group, or even having a joint website/blog that you both update can keep the fire lit and your relationship heading forward.

This advice is just as useful for long distance relationships as it is for people who go to sleep in the same bed together.

In short, a long distance relationship should work to build the strength of your bonds, even when you have less time and more distance between you.

long distance relationship advice - know the rulesAdvice #4: Set Ground Rules

It is important that both people in a long distance relationship know what to expect. Due to this, you want to set ground rules. When you do this, nobody will be surprised.

As an example, are the two of you going to be exclusive? Can you go on a date? Always stay open and talk about such things. Actually, this might be the very best thing you can do in a long distance relationship.

Advice #5: Talk Dirty

Sexuality is a huge part of every single relationship. Hence, talking dirty is something you want to engage in.

For a couple, sexual desire can be considered the glue that creates an intimate connection. The truth is that sex is a biological need but it is also an emotional need.

Flames can be kept burning through teasing texts that are filled with provocative descriptions and sexual innuendoes. In fact, a few sexy puns from time to time can do wonders for any long distance relationship.

Advice #6: Avoid the Dangerous Situations

Will your partner get upset if you go out drinking with your friends late during the night? Then, why would you do this in the first place?

Obviously, this does not mean that you cannot go out if you want to. However, if you know that the other person will be upset, it is a very good thing to say that you will do something before you do it.

One of the reasons why long distance relationships end is a list of small problems. Most small problems can be avoided through communication.

It should also be added that you can end up faced with problems simply because you put yourself in dangerous situations. For instance, do you know hat you will be in trouble if you hang out with a sexy co-worker? Just do not do it!

Advice #7: Have a Goal

Talk to your partner and decide what your goals are. Actually, this includes things like the future and how long the two of you will be apart.

No matter what you might believe right now, a couple cannot stay in a long distance relationship for an unlimited amount of time. Due to this, you want to draw the end goal and estimate how long you will be apart.

Draft a plan together and create a timeline. This makes you two stay on the same page. Also, even if you are living in different parts of the country or the world, the simple fact that you know when you will see each other can make everything simpler.

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