When To End A Relationship | Important Breakup Signals

Do You Know When to End a Relationship?

when should you end a relationshipThings started out great at first, but lately, you might be wondering if your relationship is doomed, or worth saving. Do you know which signs predict when to end a relationship? If you don't already, take a look at a few of them below. If any of them apply to your relationship, it may be time to end things.

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1.     When To End A Relationship: Verbal or Physical Abuse

This is the number one sign when to end a relationship. There is no excuse for verbal or physical abuse from either party.

If you find yourself in an abusive relationship, you need to leave it immediately. If you fear for your life, there are many organizations that can help you.

Also, remember the fact that there are many early signs of an abusive relationship. You should be aware of them.

If you notice signs of the potential abuse that could appear in the future, get things out of the way fast. Do not let things evolve.

2.     You Feel Disinterested or Depressed

Disinterest and depression are not normal feelings in a healthy relationship. True, partners get angry or upset with one another, but if these feelings last more than a single day, you may want to start thinking about moving on.

A healthy relationship should make you feel happy, complete, and energized. You want to be happy to get home.

When you find yourself hating the thought of going home or meeting the partner, it is a certainty that the relationship is doomed to fail.

3.     They Don't Make You Feel Special Anymore

At the beginning of the relationship, your partner probably made you feel special. Maybe it was through compliments, holding open doors, or surprising you with little things for no reason.

Maybe it was simply being around them that made you feel special. If those feelings have disappeared, it may signal when to end a relationship.

In a relationship, you need to show respect. This is almost always the case when you first start dating.

Unfortunately, as time passes and relationships lose their flame, countless couples end up losing interest. If your partner does not make you feel special, it might be time to move on.

couple fighting4.     You Fight More Often Than You Don't

Every couple fights. It is a normal part of a healthy relationship. But if you have begun to fight more often than you don't, this may be a sign that the two of you just simply aren't compatible. Nobody wants to be the drama king and drama queen.

Be honest with your fighting. Why are you fighting? Is there a good reason for the fight?

When fighting tends to happen out of the blue, it is most likely a sign that there is something really wrong in the relationship. You want to leave a relationship that only involves fighting.

5.     Your Sex Life Has Gone Stagnant

At the beginning of every relationship, sex is exciting and you're having it every day… sometimes more than once. It's normal for this hot and heavy stage to cool down, but if you or your partner just aren't interested in sex anymore, it may be a sign something is wrong.

You should note that there are times when a lack of sex is normal, such as when a partner is sick or under a lot of stress. But if everything else is fine, and you aren't having sex at least a few times each week when you were before, this isn't a good sign.

Talk about sex with your partner. Fortunately, in many situations, sex problems in a couple can be fixed. However, if this is not the case, you need to consider moving on.

6.     You Have No Trust

Trust is vital in a healthy relationship. The trust could disappear because of cheating, lies, suspicious circumstances, or a variety of other relevant reasons. If this has happened in your relationship, now is when to end a relationship. A couple with no trust has no future.

Trust can be gained or lost. When trust is lost, it can be re-gained but only in some situations.

Once again, you have to be honest with yourself. If you can never trust the partner again, it is time to move on.

7.     When To End A Relationship: Cheating

Unless you have both mutually agreed that you are in an open relationship, which is fine for some people, then sleeping with other people is absolutely not okay.

Cheating doesn't have to just be sex, either. It can be any type of sexual contact, including kissing or talking to another person in a flirtatious manner over a long period of time. If your partner is cheating, this is when to end a relationship.

There are people that can get over cheating but this is rarely the case. Also, you worry about cheating if it happened in the past. This ruins trust in a relationship.

Cheating is a really delicate subject that should be tackled with complete seriousness.

Final Thoughts on When to End a Relationship

Knowing when to end a relationship is an important part of living. You want to be aware of all the situations mentioned above. End the relationship when it is time to.

It is possible that there are many other cases in which you want to end relationships. Just focus on yourself and your uniqueness.

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