Worst Date Stories You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

Yes, These Worst Date Stories Are Real

crazy worst date storyThe dating pool available now can be exciting and fun while at the same time murky and disappointing. Nowadays, it seems like to get your true prince or princess becomes complicated. Dating is often a great and exciting thought. However, what about when faced with the following worst date stories?

The multiple online dating sites do not make it any better for people as there are tons of jokers in the sites who pose as potential partners but have all the wrong intentions. It leaves the majority with worst date stories.

Finding a perfect match can be like finding a needle in a haystack. That is why you want to hold tight when you finally find the one that fits the pieces of your puzzle.

Almost everyone has had a nasty date experience. Some people's experiences have been more intense than others. However, most people have learned lessons from others or their own worst date stories. They know better than to repeat the same mistake twice.

In hopes of helping you avoid the same mistakes, we've put together some of the best worst date stories from our readers.

5. The Best Worst Date Stories: The Mother of All Catfish

Brian was not looking for love or a partner when this catfish of all catfishes happened to cross his path. He used to hang out every Saturday and Sunday with his friends before both of his best friends bid their goodbyes to bachelorhood.

This meant he was the only one who could not ‘relate when they gave reasons for not being able to show up for their boy time.

The Emotional Hang-up

This happens much more often than we might think. Do you know how suddenly all of your friends are happily married and you are not? Then, you start feeling like your friends have been taken away from you by the cruel reality of life.

And so he was complaining, a lot, oh a whole lot. ‘What happens to their bros over females mantra? And each time he gets a firm answer, ‘Wives happen.' Wives aren't any regular females, they are wives, and with that, he would zip it up.

After a few months of endless complaints, his friends decide to find a solution. They created online dating profiles for him on all the hot dating sites. He attended a couple of dates, but none was as exciting as he had expected, except for the last one.

The Set-Up

His boys set him up. They pick this random profile that has tasteful photos of a beautiful moderately curvy and toned lady; she looks of Hispanic descent.

They arrange a meet up over lunch hour, and Brian was very excited. For the first time, he even put in some effort to visit a barber before a date; of course, the first impression is essential on first dates.

He gets to the restaurant 20 minutes before his date and walks straight to their reserved table, patiently waiting for his queen.

The Catfish Moment

A few minutes later, he sees a short chubby girl with a t-shirt, jeans, a hoodie that was all the way opened in such a way that he could read the quote at the front of her t-shirt.

She strutted her way towards the main table, and Brian secretly wished that he could disappear from the face of the earth, but it was a little too late.

They sat there, avoiding eye contact altogether and almost having zero conversation. His most awkward first date ever!

Why the Mix-Up?

Believe it or not but we hear this story from our readers more than we should. Our best advice is to be authentic with your dating profile. Use real and up-to-date photos of yourself.

Nothing can ruin your chances on a date more than showing up looking completely different than the photos you posted.

Also, when you go on a date, especially the first, make sure to put effort into your appearance. First impressions do matter. But before all that, use your own photos!

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